Meet Jan, Business Consultant at Nallian


Can you briefly explain what you do at Nallian?
Nallian works with communities of companies who benefit from sharing their data amongst each other. The Nallian data sharing platform enables them to do so securely and efficiently. This leads to very specific projects with a unique dynamic – often in logistic hubs, typically airports. My job is to analyze, together with the different actors within these communities, their functional needs and help shape the solution based on the Nallian platform. In these projects we develop software that helps our customers to perform better – regarding the functional aspects I am often involved from the very beginning until delivery.

What do you like most in your role?
I very much like the fact that I am involved in these projects from the first ideas until delivery. This allows me to follow-up on every step in the process, and adjust where needed. I appreciate that in this role I am interacting with a lot of different people and functions, both at the customer side and within the Nallian team. I also like that we are building solutions for communities of companies, rather than for individual companies. It means you need to convince different types of companies and people of the added value of our solution, which is a whole different dynamic than building solutions for a single company.

What does your typical workday look like?
In the morning we always have a stand up call with the team. A very important part of my day goes to consultation with customers and documenting the solution. I also spend a lot of time consulting internally with my colleagues from product development, the project manager, the delivery team – which is both important and interesting. Next to that I also visit customers for update meetings, to give demos, to host training sessions, … Actually, I don’t really have a ‘typical’ day as there’s a lot of variation in what I do.

You are one of the customer’s key contact persons. What type of customers and roles do you work with?
This varies a lot. Depending on the project phase I will be interacting with different people and functions. Most of the time we are dealing on the customer side with a project team that represents the community. For practical things and depending on the part of the solution we’re working on this team will be completed with representatives from the different companies that are part of the community, often people who know the operational side of the business very well. This brings an interesting mix of people and experience around the table.

What do you like about Nallian?
We are not a huge company, but within our market our team and solutions are highly regarded and that’s rewarding. Nallian is a company in full expansion with an innovative company culture. We are a very flat organisation in which colleagues are trusted and there is plenty of room to develop new ideas.

Want to join Jan?

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