Meet Steven, Senior Software Engineer at Nallian


Can you briefly explain what you do at Nallian?
At Nallian we build solutions that empower fragmented communities, such as air cargo hubs, to work efficiently together by sharing and reusing their data. My role is to develop the technical solutions together with the team. Typically, at the start of a project the functional analyst explains the customer’s requirements. Together with the technical architect we then translate these requirements into the technical solution. So, my day-to-day tasks range from setting up a solution structure (in case of new requirements), over defining the data model and which API’s to use, to reviewing pull requests from the other developers.

What do you like most in your role?
Both the functional and technical aspects of a solution interest me, so I very much appreciate that I can design and build new solution structures and at the same time also write part of the code (which we do in .NET Core). I also like that I am involved in the development of many of the applications in our solution portfolio –  which I have seen growing substantially in the 7 years I have been with the company.

What does your typical workday look like?
I like to work in a structured way. After the daily stand-up call, I try to organize my morning and afternoon in blocks. Should there be issues raised during the call that require my attention, I first focus on solving those. Then, where needed, I discuss with the functional team and afterwards I work on building the solution structure and write code. In the afternoon, I repeat this. Obviously, this is an ideal scenario and every day is different as we work very customer focused.

As a Senior Software Engineer, who are your key stakeholders?
I am the next person in the chain after the functional analyst and the solution architect, so for new solution developments they are my primary contacts. On the implementation side, I work together with the other developers, e.g. on the reviewing of pull requests.

What do you like about Nallian?

I like the fact that although we build solutions that make a real impact, we’re not too big of a company and we have a very flat organizational structure. Sharing a coffee and new ideas with colleagues, including our CEO, is easy. We also have a lot of freedom, according to your preference you can work from home or at the office, which works well as there’s enough communication channels to keep in touch with your colleagues.

Behind the scenes

  • Lives in: Sint-Katelijne-Waver
  • Passionate about: Car racing F1
  • Fun fact: participated in the Dodentocht 6 times; excited to become a dad later this year

Want to join Steven?

Are you interested in becoming a Software Engineer at Nallian? Or would you like to join Steven and the rest of the team in another role? Learn more about us and our open positions or get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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