Check-it for Ground Handling

Attract more customers with stellar process execution quality

Whether your are a ground handler or a self-handling airline, offering outstanding service quality is what sets you apart from the competition. Nallian's Check-it for Air Cargo empowers you to attract and retain more customers with outstanding service: you follow-up on refused goods efficiently, avoid re-checks due to non-compliance, guarantee crystal-clear & real-time communication with your stakeholders and reduce administration.

Digitize your checklists

Use tested and proven checklists from the Checklist Store or build your own check/tasklist to efficiently execute internal processes (ramp checks, security checks ...)

Dangerous goods

Live animals


Damaged goods


Your benefits

Your operators

  • Have one single application to execute the process: complete the checklist, take and add pictures, send information in real-time to internal / external stakeholder
  • Launch checklists easily with a simple scan of AWB code (or manual input
  • Enjoy ease of execution as they are presented with the relevant checklists only according to their profile & shipment
  • Eliminate errors as they are assisted during execution with explanatory pictures and messages for critical or more complex checks
  • Avoid the hassle of cumbersome paperwork

Your back-office

  • Avoids duplicate, error-prone data-input
  • Reduces paperwork: no need for copies, scans, faxes, ...
  • Avoids customer disputes and costly corrective actions (e.g. re-checks) due to non-compliant/illegible checklists as messages are transmitted in a structured, comprehensible way using standard templates
  • Saves time with real-time communication: no need to source the right contact person, contact details, compose emails, ...
  • Enjoys easy registration of billable actions (e.g. re-checks, ULDs used, ...) facilitates correct and timely invoicing

Your management

  • Gains granular insights in performance: analyze number of checklists executed, blocked shipments, reasons for blocked shipments, lead times, operator performance, ...Saves time on reporting: compile the report your need in a click of a button
  • Complies with stakeholder requirements, avoids CAPA's
  • Attracts and retains more customers with ourstanding service quality

Using Check-it we ensure compliance with the airlines' standards and avoid costly re-checks.

Lucas Deschouwer, Operations Support Manager 
Swissport Cargo Services

All in one approach

Capture all data

Use tested & proven checklists or customize data capture points according to your process.

Real-time, compliant communication

Checklists are automatically converted to the desired format, in line with stakeholder requirements. Notifications are set-up according to your flows. 

Gain granular insights & save time reporting

Configure & run the reports of your choice in a matter of clicks.

Read how Swissport Cargo Services is saving 33h/month using Check-it

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