Reducing freight emissions for Heathrow Cargo

Heathrow Cargo launches a new load consolidation platform

Heathrow is inviting the trucking companies and freight forwarders based around the airport to reduce emissions by using its new load consolidation app, part of the new Heathrow CargoCloud. The new app is the UK’s first of its kind, and a key part of the airport’s plan to ensure that even as the airport grows, we’re doing what we can to reduce the impact of airport-related traffic on the community.

Cargo operators will be able to consolidate freight loads coming into and out of Heathrow. The aim of this is not only to improve efficiency, but also reduce the number of trucks and emissions on the roads surrounding the airport.

As the largest freight port by value, Heathrow handles over 1.5 million tonnes of cargo a year. Heathrow itself does not own the cargo facilities, vehicles or equipment needed for this operation but is leading better collaboration amongst the community of cargo companies that do.

Companies that subscribe to Heathrow CargoCloud will be able to exchange and share information about any spare capacity on their vehicles, or ask for help on a load they need to be transported. The app will work to match them and they then contact each other offline and discuss the opportunity. Heathrow CargoCloud is built on Nallian's Data Sharing Platform, a proven cloud solution for cross-company business collaboration.

Operating a cleaner, leaner and more efficient freight operation is an essential part of delivering on our ambition to be the best airport in Europe for cargo. CargoCloud offers benefits to the whole industry. For our cargo partners it allows them to reduce their costs, our local communities will experience less congestion and improved air quality, and Heathrow will build on its strength as an airport of choice for cargo.
Nick Platts, Head of Cargo at Heathrow
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