The Nallian Data Sharing Platform

Everything you need for high-performance collaboration

Integrate only once

With a single integration, reduce the technical and operational burden on your IT systems

Publish only once

Share a single view of your data with multiple partners and for multiple applications to access

Stay in control

Maintain granular control over who has access to which data, down to field-level

Quickly build your community

Inviting and linking all your business partners is as easy as inviting a contact on LinkedIn

Extend your platform with apps

Meet the Nallian ecosystem of smart, data-enabled platform apps

Ready for tomorrow

Stay agile with Nallian's future-ready loosely coupled network architecture

The Nallian Difference: Ease of use

The real differentiation or Nallian comes from the ease of use. The simplicity of managing and configuring the community, to linking up with business partners, and the granularity of data sharing controls. While community wide templates linked to roles and connections ensure a quick and easy configuration, individual actors remain in full control of which part of which data can be used by which party for which purpose. Nallian combines the flexibility and agility to cope with a continuously changing environment with the solidity and security needed to establish trust.

One single integration is all you need

It's so much easier to maintain just one link to one cloud-based system, than to maintain a set of point-to-point integrations with multiple business partners and multiple applications. Not only does this reduce the connectivity complexities (and integration cost), it also reduces the need for your IT systems to handle continuous queries from the outside world. 

Nallian's B2B layer offers a rich set of connection options to connect internal business systems to the platform, making the technical integration as simple and fast as possible. For occasional users, we offer a web-based UI requiring zero systems integration.

The traditional integration approach was to send data to the partners who needed it, by integrating one company IT system to a set of others. But the result was that data got duplicated and scattered over multiple company or application specific systems. In addition, any business evolution or local change in IT infrastructure tended to cause a ripple effect in the complicated mesh of many-to-many integrations.

Standardization by building a monolithic solution required each partner to adopt a new or additional IT solution to take care of integration by bundling data storage and functionality. Since such solutions are difficult to mix and match with existing systems, adoption was slow and cost increased. Also, relying on the goodwill and the capabilities of a single provider, who cannot possibly be the best-in-class on every functionality, is taking a huge business bet in today's rapidly changing economic climate.

The Nallian Difference

A complete B2B interface and connectors to all leading backend systems for faster integration.

A flexible integration layer supporting any input, any output (portal, mobile, API, IoT ...)

Extremely cost-effective single-integration effort with predictable operational costs.

Publish data only once

Nallian simplifies data sharing by allowing you to publish data once and making it available for all beneficiaries you have given access. Every participant has a published digital representation of its own data, a sort of cloud-based company avatar, which can publish data to contribute to the platform's single version of the truth.

Data is retained on the platform and available as soon as it is published. Your company's avatar automatically pushes updates to relevant business partners and apps and keeps your internal systems updated of important events. Your business partners no longer have to wait for bits and pieces of data to be propagated along the chain, causing latency and loss of accuracy. In addition to transactional data, you can publish and share master data to be able to logically link data from various partners or aggregate data in a meaningful way. 

The Nallian Difference

Increase your business performance by providing visibility into shared information, previously locked away in your business partner's ERP solution.
Share more information with your business partners, without driving up IT costs to integrate with your own internal systems.
Build workflows rapidly and stay on top using the monitoring, notification and reporting tools of the platform.

You are always in control

As a participant, you want to stay in complete control of the data you share on the Nallian platform. To make this possible, we give you the ability to specify granular sharing rights even at field level.

Data sharing control is at the heart of the Nallian platform, and is loaded with features:

  • different types of data can have different sharing rules
  • you can define different integration scenarios to determine the purpose of sharing, and derive sharing rights from those purposes
  • you can attach rights to named partners or to specific community roles
  • where needed, data can also be anonymized or aggregated. 

To simplify setting up sharing rules, communities can also define role-specific templates to make rights configuration for new participants easier. A new participant will then automatically be subject to the rules defined for their role.

The Nallian Difference

Unprecedented control over what gets shared with whom.
Define sharing rules based on interaction scenarios.
Implement community-wide sharing rules using roles and groups.

Onboarding is as easy as LinkedIn

Apart from reliability and security, success or failure of high-performance communities will be largely influenced by how easy it is to build and maintain the community. Linking up new participants should be a matter of minutes, not weeks. In order to achieve this, we believe that inviting and linking your business partners should be as easy as inviting a contact on LinkedIn.

Fully integrating their systems should be a matter of days, not months. It should be realistic to get 100% of the business partners onboard, and not just the top 15%. Without any need for "IT". Full stop. Nallian offers a rich set of connection options to connect internal business systems to the platform, and a web-based UI for occasional users.

And as it's important to share and synchronize as much as possible, we use a flat-fee pricing model to encourage maximum sharing between business partners.

The Nallian Difference

Invite new business partners quickly using the community management tools on the platform.

Link to a maximum number of business partners, not just the most important ones.

Make collaboration more attractive by offering the power of the entire network to new participants.

From data sharing to smart platform with apps

Contrary to most applications that use a proprietary or specific data model, our platform apps can take advantage of all data on the platform. Working on the community's single integrated version of the truth, they can enrich it with valuable insights or make functionality available to each participant. Standard apps such as Smart Forms, ReportsBilling and Audit Trail can work alongside industry-specific or custom apps.

The availability of a common data model lowers the threshold for the development of future apps, and fosters an ecosystem of third parties to come up with even more innovative apps. Technologies such as machine learning and big data are no longer science fiction, but are rapidly entering the stage and helping innovative companies change the rules of the game. Apps are an optimal way to tap into your community's unified data.

BRUCloud developed a real time trucking follow-up app, which assemble input from all partners implicated in the transport chain. Looking across the entire logistics chain, crossing company borders, the app provides a clear operational view on the whereabouts of trucks and their planning.

The Nallian Difference

Application-independent data sharing makes it easy to add or develop new apps to optimize processes or provide additional insight.
Rich platform APIs enabling rapid app development.
Data sharing rights for apps are defined in the same way as other sharing rules.

Let your community grow

We're living in a volatile world, where fashion companies are able to go from design to instore availability in a period of just 2 months, where hurricanes urge us to rebuild supply chains over the course of just a few weeks, and where market fluctuations make that individual partnerships go from being essential to being a daily burden. In such a world, Nallian's loosely coupled approach will help you deal with rapid changes, and allow tomorrow's players to onboard quickly and with minimal onboarding or switching cost.

In tomorrow's world, data does not only live in your back-end systems. Smart sensors keep track of the temperature of your goods during shipments. Location beacons help track exactly where a shipment is at any time. Online sales from the webshop are joined with point-of-sales data to drive pull-based planning in leaner, lower-inventory supply chains. Nallian's platform can take in those new data sources and add them to the network-wide view.

As supply chains become more global and at the same time more fragmented, we realize that no logistics community is isolated from the rest of the world. That's why Nallian makes it easy to connect platforms to eachother: linking one port to ports in other parts of the world, bringing together hubs around other modes of transport, or connecting to hubs focused on specific industries helps us realize our long term vision of the ubiquitous independent logistic grid.

The Nallian Difference

Invite new business partners using the community management tools on the platform.
Quickly add new data providers and channels to your community to take advantage of new technological or business developments.
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