Digitize your cargo checklists. Smoothen process execution. 

Paper checklists are cumbersome, error-prone and require a lot of administration. With Nallian's Check-it you capture and share relevant data in your cargo flow via an all-in-one application. Easy to execute and with data ready to share it improves quality of process execution, reduces administration and ensures compliance with stakeholder requirements.

Your benefits

  • Improve service quality with correct, complete and compliant checklists
  • Improve stakeholder communication with real-time notifications
  • Eliminate paperwork and facilitate administration
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming customer disputes with relevant data at hand
  • Gain granular insight in performance (cargo status, lead times, checklists executed, ...)
  • Avoid human errors with clear flows and integrated assistance
  • Facilitate and speed up reporting

Working paper-based, the process to log a case of non-acceptance would take on average 10 minutes. Today this happens in real-time, which allows us to save on average 33 hours per month.

Lucas Deschouwer, Operations Support Manager
Swissport Cargo Services

How does it work? 

Activate / Build
Activate proven checklists from the Checklist Store, or build your own check/task lists according to your specific business requirements.

Operators collect smart data in real-time with the mobile app. They receive instructions, execute checks and other tasks, take pictures, set timestamps and sign - all on one device. You can configure the app so it only presents operators those check/tasklists that are relevant to them.

Push notifications (damages, incompleteness, reasons for blocked shipments, ... ) and share completed actions in the correct template in real-time with your back-office and stakeholders.

Pull reports and analyze results (lead times, checklists executed, reasons for blocked shipments, ...) so you can take informed strategic decisions to optimize your business.

Nallian-digital-checklists-Check-it for Air Cargo

Run any check/tasklist you need

Dangerous goods - Pharma CEIV - Damage Control Acceptance - Handling - Ramp Control - Security check - ...

A flexible approach

Choose the set-up that best suits your operations

Ready to go

Activate tested and proven checklists from the Checklist Store


Have your check/task lists built for you according to your specific requirements


Build your own check/task lists from scratch and adapt as and when needed.

Discover the benefits for your business


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How users are benefiting from this

Swissport delivers stellar service quality with digital checklists powered by Nallian's Check-it

Lucas Deschouwer Swissport Cargo Services Reduced

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